Sharing expertise as creator and patent owner to develop and make new ideas come to life

Even as a child, Joerg Baumeister wanted to be an inventor - although, at that time, he was still dependent on sudden inspirations. Afterwards, due to his experience as an architect, engineer, and scientist, skills such as different ways of thinking were added. This resulted in a new, interdisciplinary methodology that generates and implements innovation systematically.

The BrainKit

The methodological application of both intelligent and lateral thinking ensures the most efficient innovation. We compiled the most important thinking tools and developed this brain kit. It covers the essential holistic approach and can be applied in different ways, either as guidance or inspiration during innovation processes, or vice-versa, as a driver which discovers and  fills existing innovation gaps.


A structured collection of existing knowledge and solutions is the fundamental base for innovation, the more systematic the better. Aquatecture is highly dependent on the understanding of the aquatic environment and its balanced interaction with human beings and the built environment. Therefore we are interested in examples of the evolutionary hydraulic history of nature as well as the development of new systematics exploring new frontiers of aquatecture.


Our mindset is terrestrial despite our aquatic origin: We (still) live on land and we are producing and using artefacts and food which are mainly created for the land. Therefore we have to open up our minds and broaden our terrestrial thinking toward the aquatic environment with new principles and new opportunities to become Aquatects combatting climate change!