Joerg Baumeister

Univ.-Professor, Doctor of Engineering (Dr.-Ing.), Architect, Research Director

Creating bold new visions of the future and pioneering solutions to real-world problems through high quality, innovative research, implementations, training, and publications

The SeaCities Lab

Joerg Baumeister is the Founder and Director of the SeaCities Lab defining and managing increasing risks for coastal communities towards the exploration and development of novel aquatic design, engineering and infrastructure solutions.

Consultancy Projects

developing new approaches to building with and for nature, to create ecosystem-based developments on land and sea that respond to the challenges faced by communities in an adaptive and compatible fashion.

The Brain Kit

Independent of sudden inspirations, this new methodology generates and implements innovation almost automatically by applying both intelligent and lateral thinking as demonstrated by several patents.


Novelty must not be hidden in ivory towers. Therefore new knowledge must be spread to the global community connecting research with industry, government and education. Lates Springer books are "Aquatic Urbanism", "Cities+1m", "SeaOasis", "Urban Tactics for Sea-Level Rise"

Joerg Baumeister's Telegram

08_23 "SeaSurveyor" presentation about an Innovative Floating Solution for Establishing Marine Protection Areas in Shallow International Waters at WCFS2023 World Conference on Floating Solutions for the next SDGs in Tokyo, Japan.


07_23 Presentation of the Study and the Evaluation Tool "Human-Centred Design for Vertical Urbanism" for NEOM - THE LINE.


07_23 Visit of the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research in Greece preparing future collaborations.


06_23 The next new Springer Book "SeaCities - Aquatic Urbanism" this time co-edited by Ioana Giurgiu, Despina Linaraki, Daniela Ottmann has been released!


05_23 Presentation at the CRC Blue Economy Participants Workshop (

02/03_23: Symposium “Advancing Human-Centred Design for Vertical Urbanism” including psychological, physiological and social aspects 02. March 2023 in Berlin, Germany.

02_23: Presenter of "Urban Scenarios for Sea Level Rise" at the Webinar "Floating Solutions for Addressing Climate Change Impacts on Coastal Cities" of Journal of Marine Science and Engineering.

11_22: Joerg Baumeister leads with Daniela Ottmann the project "Human-Centred Design for Vertical Urbanism" for NEOM - THE LINE.

09_22: The new Springer Book "Cities +1m: Urban Development Solutions for Sea Level Rise" co-authored by Despina Linaraki has been released (

08_22: The new Springer Book "SeaOasis: Floating Aquaculture for Smallholders' Global Food Security" co-authored by Ioana Giurgiu has been released (

06_22: The SeaOasis proposal has been awarded by TAB 2022 Future Food Deal and will be exhibited at the Tallin Architecture Biennale from Sep - Nov 2022 (

05_22: Presentation at the Blue Economy Participants Workshop (

05_22: Presentation at the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering (ATSE) (

04_22: All agreements have been finally signed for the 2 $Mio Project 1.21.002 - "Novel Offshore Fish Pen Design: Phase 1 (Conceptual Development)" lead by Joerg Baumeister

03_22: Presentation at the Seasteading Institute with Ioana Giurgiu (

12_21: Jury Member of the NeOasis competition at World Expo Dubai with DFAT and UN Habitat (

12_21: Joerg Baumeister received the 2021-2022 Australian National University research grant together with Rukuh Setiadi from Diponegoro University for a project in North Jakarta, Indonesia

11_21: Key Note Presentation at the 3. International Symposium  of Design for Living with Water in Turkey (

11_21: Key Note Presentation and Executive Board member of the Ingenious Women's Initiative at World Expo Dubai (